Gladly Pay You on Tuesday for a Hamburger Today (Round 113)

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Cava, Spain's iconic sparkling wine gets it's name from what?

a) the type of grape b) the region it is grown in c) the stone cellars where it is aged
c) the stone cellars where it is aged


The earth's atmosphere is about how deep?

a) 5mls b) 50mls c) 500mls
c) 500mls


On what river are the Victoria Falls?


Which character from the Popeye the Sailor cartoon series had the catchphrase that he would “gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today”
J.Wellington Wimpy


Which was the first European team to win the Football World Cup?


Paris airport is named after who?
Charles de Gaulle


A secretary steals a large sum from a client, and whilst on the run, checks into a remote motel. Name this film thriller.


Which element has the Atomic number of 6?


Which 'ology' is the study of butterflies and moths?


Which park established in 1857 is one of the most filmed locations in the world?
Central Park, New York