God's Plan (Round 184)

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Which public body was the UK's largest employer in 2017?

NHS (England)


In the Pokemon universe, which Pokemon has the #001 Pokedex number?

a) Ledyba b) Dugtrio c) Bulbasaur

c) Bulbasaur


Brian Jacks dominated the 1979 and 1980 editions of which BBC sports competition?



Which 'B' is a native British tree which produces 'sloe' berries, often used in flavouring gin?



In cooking, Amandine is a term associated with which nut?



Which Canadian rapper topped the UK singles charts in February 2018 with 'God's Plan'?



Port Stanley is the captial of which British Overseas Territory?

Falkland Islands


The origins of which type of fast food take aways can be traced to Mossley in Greater Manchester in 1860?

Fish & Chips


St Anthony is often mentioned as the patron saint of what?

a) Children b) Boats c) Lost things

c) Lost things


Which E M Forster novel published in 1910 focuses on social conventions of the time in the UK?

Howards End