Gone But Not Forgotten 2016 (Round 1)

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Personalities who sadly passed away in 2016


George Michael formed Wham with Andrew Ridgeley and had a No.1 hit in the UK with their first album, named what?


Richard Adams was most famous for writing the book Watership Down, but what is it that the book takes it's name from?
A hill in Hampshire


Rick Parfitt, famed for being a member of Status Quo was given which honour in 2010?


Liz Smith had many memorable roles one of which was in The Royle Family. What was the full name of the character?
Norma Speakman (Nana)


Carrie Fisher will always be remembered as Princess Leia, but she was also a writer, what was the name of her first novel for which she also wrote the screenplay when it became a film?
Postcards from the Edge


Ian McCaskill was a celebrated weather presenter and at one time was the most imitated weatherman on TV. His work as a weather presenter was parodied by which satirical comedy show?
Spitting Image


Greg Lake, helped found the band Emerson Lake & Palmer, but which group did he leave before starting ELP?
King Crimson


Leonard Cohen was a singer, songwriter, musician, poet, novelist, and painter, but what nationality was he?


Robert Vaughn had many film and TV roles but is often remembered for the character Napolean Solo in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. What do the initials UNCLE stand for?
United Network Command for Law and Enforcement


Gene Wilder was famous for acting in many comedy films, one of which was Young Frenkenstein. What role did Wilder play in the film?
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein