An Ideal Husband (Round 9)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.

'Salome' and 'An Ideal Husband' are plays by which Dublin born playwright?

Oscar Wilde


Which classical Italian painter and architect produced 'The Sistine Madonna'?



Bucatini is a type of which food?



How many UK number one singles has Bob Dylan had?

a) One b) Two c) Zero

c) Zero


Which two colours feature on the flag of Sweden?

Blue and Yellow


On the famous Beatles cover for the album Abbey Road, which is on the far left of the picture?

George Harrison


The "Brabançonne" is the national anthem of which European country?



Which 'N' is the capital city of Kenya?



Which politician became Austalia's 30th prime minister in 2018?

Scott Morrison


Harry Hole stars as a police officer in a series of crime novels written by which Norweigan author?

Jo Nesbø