Quick Fire Questions (Round 7)

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Published: 3rd November 2020


Author: Adam 

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These questions can be used in general knowledge quizzes or in Chase-style cash-builder rounds.


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As always, we suggest giving each player one minute and keeping track of their total!




1) Donald Trump served as US President representing which political party?



2) The food sauce Aioli is made mixing mayonnaise with which other primary ingredient?



3) In the book Watership Down, what type of animal is ‘Hazel’?



4) Which US starlet released the album ‘Positions’ in 2020?

Ariana Grande


5) Mickey Mouse has one thumb and how many fingers?



6) What is the name for the letter which follows beta in the Greek alphabet?



7) Who was the first Spaniard to manage a team in the English Premier League?

Rafael Benitez


8) ‘Oh my god, they killed Kenny!’ is a catchphrase from which animated show?

South Park


9) Which famous Parisian landmark caught fire and sustained serious damage whilst undergoing renovation and restoration?

Notre-Dame de Paris


10) Which UK Prime Minister shared his name with a Cancer Support charity?

Harold Macmillan


11) Which tunnel linking France and the UK opened to freight in June 1994?

Channel Tunnel


12) A ‘ton’ is cockney rhyming slang for what amount of money?



13) Complete the title of this children’s animated TV show: ‘Dora the …’

Dora the Explorer


14) Which car company makes the Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo car models?



15) Which religious leader, born Tenzin Gyatso, is considered a living buddha?

Dalai Lama


16) Who played James Bond in the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies?

Pierce Brosnan


17) The football club Crystal Palace are based in which London borough?



18) Fran Healy is the lead singer and lyricist of which Scottish band?



19) What was the name of the 1588 fleet of ships which sailed from Corunna to lead an invasion of England?

Spanish Armada


20) ‘I Will Wait’ was a 2012 hit for which British folk band?

Mumford & Sons