General Knowledge Quiz Round 45

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What is the nationality of international cricketer Dale Steyn?

South African


Which member of the British parliament is known as the 'Father of the House' as the longest serving member dating back to 1970?

Sir Gerald Kaufman


The Vedas, a collection of hymns praising the Vedic gods, is the main scripture in which religion?



Born Leonardo Bonacci in Pisa, Italy, which mathematician identified a sequence where the following number is made by adding the two previous number?



Which traditional Royal Navy term refers to a day or shorter period reserved for rest and recovery?



A Pascal is the SI unit for measuring... what?



Which nation won the 2014 FIFA World Cup?



The M55 motorway links the M6 north of Preston to which seaside town?



Which British city is affectionately known as 'Brizzle'?



In which was the film Grease released to cinemas? a) 1978 b) 1972 c) 1982

a) 1978