Faramir's Brother (Round 187)

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In which country was Marie Curie born?

a) Germany b) Poland c) United States

b) Poland


In the drinks industry, what do the letters ABV describe?

Alcohol by Volume


Which award was won by Paul Beatty in 2016 for 'The Sellout' and George Saunders in 2017 for 'Lincoln in the Bardo'?

The Booker Prize


Which 2015 Ellie Goulding hit contains the lyrics: 'You're the fear, I don't care / 'Cause I've never been so high'?

Love Me Like You Do


Which US actor appeared as Nathan Algren in The Last Samurai, Stacie Jaxx in Rock of Ages and Nick Morton in The Mummy?

Tom Cruise


In which city was the world's first steam passenger railway opened?

a) Manchester b) London c) New York

a) Manchester


Which Welsh football team used to play their home games at Ninian Park?

Cardiff City


What was the name of the FBI Director dismissed by Donald Trump in 2017?

James Comey


In The Lord of the Rings, what is the name of Faramir's brother?



In which country would you find the Cliffs of Moher?