2018 in Music Quiz (Round 3)

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Who had a 2018 hit with 'Better Now' from the album 'Beerbongs & Bentleys'?

a) Lil Peep b) Justin Bieber c) Post Malone

c) Post Malone


With which American singer did Clean Bandit team up with on their single Solo?

a) Demi Lovato b) Cardi B c) Iggy Azalea

a) Demi Lovato


In 2018 music, what does 'ntltc' stand for?

no tears left to cry


Guy James Robin is the real name of which English DJ known for 'Fast Car' and 'Rise'?

Jonas Blue


Which Juice Wrld song features a sample of Sting's 'Shape of my Heart'?

Lucid Dreams


Kamikaze is the tenth studio album of which American rapper?

a) 50 Cent b) Eminem c) Nicki Minaj

b) Eminem