2018 in Music Quiz (Round 2)

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Which British alt-rock band won the 2018 Mercury Prize for their second album 'Visions of a Life'?

Wolf Alice


Which pop group consisting of Mark Barry, Christian Burns and Stephen McNally reformed in 2018? The group was best known for singles 'Back Here' and 'Still on Your Side'?



Chas of Chas & Dave sadly died in 2018. What was his surname?

a) Hope b) Hollins c) Hodges

c) Hodges


UK number one album Scorpion was the fifth studio album of which Canadian rapper?



Eminem released his tenth studio album in 2018. What was its title?



Calvin Harris teamed up with which English singer for to top the charts with the single 'Promises'?

Sam Smith


Which George Ezra single returned to the top of the UK charts in August 2018, following an early stint at the top of the charts in July?

a) Budapest b) Shotgun c) Paradise

b) Shotgun


April to June's number one spot was again dominated by Calvin Harris. He teamed up with which female vocalist on One Kiss?

Dua Lipa