2018 in Music Quiz (Round 1)

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Ed Sheeran kicked off 2018 with a number track said to be inspired by a visit to James Blunt's in Ibiza. What was the title of the song?



Mark E Smith died in 2018. In total, did his band The Fall have more studio album releases or former band members?

Former band members (Over 60 former members vs 32 studio albums)


The soundtrack to which Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron film spent weeks at the top of the British Album charts in early 2018?

The Greatest Showman


Eddie Clarke, guitarist with Motorhead died in 2018. How was he better known?

a) 'Young' Eddie Clarke b) 'Fast' Eddie Clarke c) 'Slow' Eddie Clarke

b) 'Fast' Eddie Clarke


'Man in the Woods' is the first studio album release in five years by which former N-Sync band member?

Justin Timberlake


With which US rapper did Ed Sheeran provide guest vocals for to briefly score a UK number one in January 2018?



The Spice Girls are set to reform in 2018. Which song became their final number one single prior to the band's initial breakup?

a) Holler b) Goodbye c) Viva Forever

a) Holler


Which female vocalist performed 'The Star-Spangled Banner' at the 2018 NFL Superbowl?

a) Demi Lovato b) Miley Cyrus c) P!nk

c) P!nk