90s Music Quiz Round 1

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In which year did Green Day release the album 'Dookie'?

a) 1994 b) 1996 b) 1998

a) 1994


In January 1996, George Michael had his first solo number one in a decade with which song?

a) Jesus to a Child b) Praying for Time c) Waiting for That Day

a) Jesus to a Child


The 1997 Oasis album Be Here Now was the fastest selling album in UK history until 2015 when it was surpassed by an album from which female vocalist?



In which year did Usher release the song 'You Make Me Wanna...'?

a) 1996 b) 1997 c) 1998

c) 1998


Which Canadian singer had 1999 biggest selling album with 'Come on Over'?

a) Bryan Adams b) Shania Twain c) Justin Bieber

b) Shania Twain


In which year did Oasis and Blur battle it out for the number one spot with their singles 'Roll With It' and 'Country House'?

a) 1993 b) 1995 c) 1997

b) 1995


Which group had chart success in 1994 with a cover of 'Twist and Shout'?

Chaka Demus & Pliers


What was the name of the Babylon Zoo single that stormed to number one in 1996 following its usage on a Levi's advert?



What was the name of the group who reached number 1 with 'Young at Heart' in March 1993?

The Bluebells


What was the name of Mariah Carey's first and to date only UK number one hit?

a) Fantasy b) Without You c) Honey

b) Without You