90s Music (Round 9)

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Which American rapper was responsible for the fourth biggest selling single of 1990, Ice Ice Baby?

a) Eminem b) Vanilla Ice c) Nas

b) Vanilla Ice


On leaving the Spice Girls, Mel C teamed up with Bryan Adams to reach number three in the single chart with which track?

a) I Turn to You b) Loving You Better c) When You're Gone

c) When You're Gone


'Carry On up the Charts' was the title of which group's 1994 greatest hits compliation?

a) The Beautiful South b) James C) Deacon Blue

a) The Beautiful South


Which of these Oasis albums was released first?

a) Standing on the Shoulders of Giants b) Be Here Now c) Heathen Chemistry

b) Be Here Now


UB40 released a cover of which Elvis Presley track in May 1993?

a) Can't Help Falling in Love b) Heartbreak Hotel c) All Shook Up

a) Can't Help Falling in Love


White Town had a 1996 hit with which track that sampled an old version of Bing Crosby's 'My Woman'?

Your Woman


Which Ace of Base single began: "She leads a lonely life"?

a) Beautiful Life b) Cruel Summer c) All That She Wants

c) All That She Wants


'Music for the Jilted Generation' was a 1994 studio album from which British dance group?

a) The Prodigy b) Apollo 440 c) Audio Bullys

a) The Prodigy


In which year did New York rapper Nas release his debut album 'Illmatic'?

a) 1992 b) 1994 c) 1996

b) 1994


What was the name of the group that had 1992 chart success with Jump Around?

House of Pain