Anagrams Round 13 (2017 Films)

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The following are all anagrams of films released at the UK cinema in 2017 with clues given on their stars:

Bravery Bid (clue: Ansel Elgort)

Baby Driver


Driver Win (clue: Kelsey Asbille)

Wind River


Warn Woodmen (clue: Gal Gadot)

Wonder Woman


Bleed Tie Hug (clue: Colin Farrell)

The Beguiled


An Ugly Lock (clue: Channing Tatum)

Lucky Logan


Hatted Worker (clue: Idris Elba)

The Dark Tower


Batch Way (clue: Dwayne Johnson)



Caboodle Mint (clue: Charlize Theron)

Atomic Blonde