Anagrams Round 11 (Footballing Legends)

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All the following are anagrams of footballing legends, can you work out the names from the anagrams and the teams they played for?


Aide index - Tranmere Rovers, Everton, Notts County
Dixie Dean


Amethyst set lawn - Stoke City, Blackpool
Stanley Matthews


Jeer comer - Everton, Arsenal
Joe Mercer


My lawn motto - Burnley, Everton, Chelsea, Notts County, Brentford, Arsenal
Tommy Lawton


Final minnow - Middlesbrough, Hull City
Wilf Mannion


Ornament nests - Blackpool, Hull City, Southport
Stan Mortensen


Not so hateful - Bolton Wanderers
Nat Lofthouse


Nifty omen - Preston North End
Tom Finney