Name the Footballer Quiz (Great Goalscorers)

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The following clues are all names of footballers who have scored 100 or more goals in the Premier League, only they have had the vowels and spaces removed from their name.


As an example, Eric Cantona would appear as 'rccntn'.



1) nwrght

2) dndbln

3) wynrny

4) lnshrr

5) rbbkn

6) nclsnlk

7) ddrdrgb

8) rbnvnprs

9) lsfrdnnd

10) rbbfwlr



1) Ian Wright

2) Dion Dublin

3) Wayne Rooney

4) Alan Shearer

5) Robbie Keane

6) Nicolas Anelka

7) Didier Drogba

8) Robin van Persie

9) Les Ferdinand

10) Robbie Fowler