Lancashire Quiz (Round 1)

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In 1998 a ‘Walk of faith’ was opened at which seaside attraction?
Blackpool Tower- a viewing platform of laminated glass.


Cedric Robinson MBE is the current royally appointed ‘Queens Guide to the Sands’ of which coastal area
Morecambe Bay


In 1612, 9 women and 2 men were found guilty of the murder of 10 people, and executed. How were they said to have carried out the murders?
By witchcraft.


The Administrative HQ of Lancashire is in which City?


6 of the original 12 members of the Football League formed in 1888 were from Lancashire, name them (a point for each).
Accrington, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Everton and Preston North End.


George Fox had a vision from the top of Pendle Hill in 1652 which led to the foundation of which movement?
The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)


Since the 1980’s, Ramsbottom in Lancashire has hosted an annual throwing competition against Yorkshire. What is thrown and what is the target?
Black Puddings are thrown at Yorkshire Puddings


Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington houses Europe’s largest collection of what? a) Paintings by Stubbs b) Tiffany Glass c) Faberge Eggs
b) Tiffany Glass from the studio of Louis Comfort Tiffany.