Holyhead, Beaumaris and the Menai Bridge (Round 199)

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Which 'G' is an Italian blue cheese made with unskimmed cow's milk?



Electromagnetic induction was discovered in 1831 by which British scientist?

a) Thomas Edison b) Micharl Faraday c) Georg Ohm

b) Michael Faraday


Helen Hunt won a 1997 Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Carol Connelly in which film?

As Good as It Gets


What is the capital city of Canada?



Which British supermarket chain was originally founded by Jack Cohen in 1919?



Currer Bell, Ellis Bell and Acton Bell were the pen names of which three sisters?

Bronte Sisters


On which UK island would you find Holyhead, Beaumaris and the Menai Bridge?



Bryan Ferry had three number one albums as lead vocalist in which British glam rock group?

Roxy Music


Which actor played 'Mini-Me' in the second and third of the Austin Powers film series?

Verne Troyer


Which 'TC' was a well known US author known for espionage storylines set during and after the Cold War?

Tom Clancy