General Knowledge Quiz (Round 1)

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Which British actor who starred as Jimmy in the film Quadrophenia later appeared in Blur's video for the single Parklife?

Phil Daniels


Which Argentinian striker is Barcelona's all-time leading goalscorer?

Lionel Messi


In the video game Dark Souls, one of the locations in the game, Anor Londo is heavily based on which Milan landmark?

Milan Cathedral


Planned and begun in 1850 by King Maximilian II of Bavaria, Maximilianstrasse is a major shopping district in which German city?



Wise, methodical detective Lester Freamon is a fictional character in which TV series?

The Wire


Which Europe's most southernly capital city?

Nicosia, Cyprus


Clark Kent is the real name of which superhero?



The film Grease was mostly filmed in which US state?



Which Irish writer and clergyman wrote Gulliver's Travels?

Jonathan Swift


The largest tower located OUTSIDE of London in the United Kingdom is found in which English city?

Portsmouth (Spinnaker Tower)