Grand Central Terminal (Round 188)

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Which English king was killed in battle on Bosworth Field in 1485?


Richard III


Grand Central Terminal is in which city?


New York


Which iconic bridge is located at Dawes Point in The Rocks area for the south end, and the northern end is at Milsons Point.


Sydney Harbour Bridge


Who has hosted the Oscar ceremonies the most number of times?


Bob Hope


What was the setting for Nickelodeon ’ s Victorious in which Arianna Grande starred?


A performing arts school.


In Latin, quattuor and sex add up to which number?




The singer Lorde, whose single 'Royals' led her to 3 Grammy nominations was born in which country?


New Zealand


John Cabot discovered what in 1497? a) The coast of North America b) Cape Horn c) Northern passage around Greenland


a) The coast of North America


The Spanish enclave of Ceuta lies in which continent?




Director Damien Chazelle and actress Emma Stone both won Oscars in 2017 for which film?


La La Land