H To The Izzo (Round 30)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


Which country is known by the ISO country code 'AZ'?



Which two countries does the River Ganges flow through?

India and Bangladesh


Which rap legend is known as Hova?



Stewart Island is the third largest island in which country?

New Zealand


Which West End production which opened in May 2002 featuring the music of the band Queen is based on a novel by Ben Elton?

We Will Rock You


A set of bones known as ossicles are in which part of the body?

The ear


Irish author Brian O'Nolan was better known by a nom de plume. What was it?

Flann O'Brien


Which 2013 film saw Leonardo DiCaprio play Jordan Belfort?

Wolf of Wall Street


Which Charles Dickens novel, thought to be his last, features characters John Harmon and Bella Wilfer?

Our Mutual Friend


Which Welsh football club play at the Liberty Stadium?

Swansea City