Guy Ritchie's Film Debut (Round 144)

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What was the debut feature film of director Guy Ritchie?
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


What is the name of the hurricane that has devestated parts of Texas in August 2017?


What is the lowest of the standard four voice ranges?


Sambro Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia, Canada holds which distinction? a) Oldest lighthouse in North America b) Tallest lighthouse in North America c) Most remote in North America
a) Oldest lighthouse in North America


Who was the first monarch of the Royal house of Windsor?
George V


Which football team are known as the 'Addicks'?
Charlton Athletic


Sodium hydroxide is more commonly known as what?
Caustic Soda


The town of Boring in Oregon USA has been twinned with which town in Scotland? a) Mundane b) Dull c) Humdrum
b) Dull


What is the colour of a polar bear’s skin?


Which American novelist's debut novel was The Sun Also Rises?
Ernest Hemingway