Hamilton and The Heights (Round 204)

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What is the name of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's eldest child?



Which type of cap is commonly associated with fictional detective Sherlock Holmes?



According to the popular English proverb, what colour cheese is the moon made out of?



Which American playwright is best known for the musicals In The Heights and Hamilton?

Lin-Manuel Miranda


Metalmarks, Skippers and Swallowtails are common names for family group of which insect?



Boris Grishenko is a fictional Russian James Bond villian in which movie from the franchise?



Phil Neal won four European Cups whilst playing for which football club?



Which British fashion designer was head designer of Christian Dior between 1996 and 2011 and won British Designer of the Year four times?

John Galliano


Linus Torvalds is best known for creating which open-source computer operating system?



Which Welsh comedian presented the BBC comedy music show Never Mind the Buzzcocks before it was axed in 2015?

Rhod Gilbert