Alan Partridge Quiz Round 2

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What does Alan call the 'vandals who've gotten to his car again' when asked by Dave Clifton?

'Scum. Sub-human scum'


What did the vandals 'daub' on the side of Alan's Rover 800 in the above incident?

'Cock Piss Partridge'


Alan leaves a note for Lynn regarding a film extravaganza idea to pitch to Tony Hayers at the BBC lunch. Plot thus: Malcolm McDowell is trapped in the future but who is he being pursued by, played by Rutger Hauer?

A cyberpunk from the past


Which song does Alan sing as jogs up the steps of Linton Travel Tavern approaching Susan with 'Guaranteed to blow your mind!'?

Killer Queen by Queen


Alan's room at the travel tavern has two framed photographs on top of the hi-fi. One is of Roger Moore, who is in the second?

Jet from Gladiators


Alan has an idea for an event that Jet from Gladiators can host which must be properly policed. It must not, I repeat not, turn into an all-night rave. What is the idea?

A millenium barn dance at Yeovil aerodrome


When Alan goes to look around his potential new home, he tells the estate agent that, to him, the bathroom says aqua, which is French for water. What does Alan then compare it to being inside of, which again, to him, is a bonus?

A Fox's Glacier Mint


Alan admires the toilet, which is very futurist. Who can Alan imagine taking a dump on it?

Buck Rogers


Alan has the rude daubings on the side of his car altered ahead of his meeting with Tony Hayers. How does the graffiti now read?

Cook Pass Babtridge


What is the name of the detective series Alan pitches to Tony Hayers where the main character tackles vandalism and is a bit of maverick, not afraid to break the law if he thinks it's necessary?