Alan Partridge Quiz Round 1

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What is Alan's middle name?



When Alan attacks Tony Hayers whilst having lunch at the BBC he flees the restaurant shouting what threat?

"I've got cheese, this is cheese!"


In episode one of series two, Alan bumps into his own teacher Frank Raphael. Can you name either of his nicknames?

'Sweaty' or 'Cacky'


What is the name of the company that Dan owns (just off the A416) in episode three of series two, Bravealan?

Kitchen Planet


In episode five of series two, during Alan's meeting with the tax inspectors, he informs them they cannot have any Mini Babybels. Why?

They are for the car when he's driving to Harrogate.


What is the title of Alan's autobiography, seen being pulped in episode six of series two to the sound track of 'Windmills of Your Mind'

Bouncing Back


What song made famous by The Carpenters does Alan unsuccessfully sing to Jill during their Valentine Day's dinner at the travel tavern in episode two of series one, Alan Attraction?

'Close to You' by The Carpenters


What is the name of Alan's self-proclaimed 'biggest fan' in episode five of series one, 'To Kill a Mocking Alan'?

Jed Maxwell


Who accompanies Alan on his trip to steal a traffic cone in episode four of series one, 'Basic Alan'?

Michael and Lynn


At the end of episode six, series one, Alan and Lynn begin to tidy up after the party they held in Alan's room. Lynn puts on a song causing Alan to remark 'it's brilliant!'. What is the song?

The theme from 'The Adventures of Black Beauty'?