I Am Your Father (Round 256)

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2020 General Knowledge

Which 'G' precedes Prix, Slam and Theft?



Which American/Russian tennis player won her second French Open in 2014?

Maria Sharapova


Prospero is the main protagonist in which Shakespeare play?



In the Stars Wars film franchise, which character famously declares 'I am your father'?

Darth Vader


The medical condition CHD stands for Coronary Heart ... what? 



True or false; the setting for the ITV drama Midsomer Murders is a fictional English county called Midsomer?



Eric Carle wrote a series of children's books about A Very Hungry ... what?



In the UK, the Dubious Goals Committee adjudicate the identity of goalscorers in which sport?



Eimear Quinn won the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest representing which country?

Republic of Ireland


Which British monarch was the final ruler in The House of Tudor?

Elizabeth I