Coronation Street Quiz (Round 1)

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Described as 'Norman Bates with a briefcase', which character became the 'most wanted man in Britain' following the murder of Maxime Peacock and attempted murder of Emily Bishop?

Richard Hillman 


During his time on the street, which character has had relationships with Valerie Tatlock, Janet Reid, Deirde Hunt, Denise Osbourne and Martha Fraser, amongst others?

Ken Barlow


Eileen Grimshaw has had a long standing feud with which other character?

Gail Platt (McIntryre)


In December 1989, estranged husband Alan tracked down Rita Sullivan (then Bradley) in Blackpool and attempts to make her return to Weatherfield. In dramatic scenes, which form of transport led to his death?

He was knocked down by a tram


Which character was portrayed by six different actors before the arrival of Chris Gascoyne in 2000?

Peter Barlow


In 2015, which character opened the 'Prestons Petals' florist in an attempted to win back her ex-husband Robert?

Tracy Barlow


Steve McDonald came to the rescue of which character when she was caught in a house fire caused by Richard Hillman in 2003?

Audrey Roberts


First played by Warren Jackson in 1981, followed by Adam Rickitt between 1997 and 2004, which character has been portrayed by Ben Price since 2009?

Nick Tilsley


Which long standing character played by Michael Le Vell first arrived on the street in 1983 as Hilda Ogden's lodger?

Kevin Webster


Along with his twin brother Andy, which character initially caused chaos on the street for Alf Roberts as the pair broke his shop window during a joyride in an industrial earth mover?

Steve McDonald