Patna, Allahabad and Kolkata (Round 169)

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German Johann Christoph Denner is said to have invented which jazz instrument in 1700 when he added a register key to the Chalumeau?

a) Clarinet b) Trumpet c) Saxophone

a) Clarinet 


Which 'M' is a large, impressive house?



New Jersey born Patti Scialfi married which American musician in June 1991?

a) Billy Joel b) Bruce Springsteen c) Tom Petty

b) Bruce Springsteen


David John Moore Cornwell is the real name of which 20th century British author?

John Le Carre


Madonna made her London West End stage debut in which 2002 play?

a) Up for Grabs b) Siren c) Happiness

a) Up for Grabs


The 2015 remake of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was directed by which British film maker?

Guy Ritchie


Which 'S M' is a European country entirely surrounded by Italy?

San Marino


The Astounding Adventures of Charlie Peace was a comic strip which ran between 1964 and 1974 in which UK comic?



Patna, Allahabad and Kolkata are cities on which great river?



Chancelor Johnathan Bennett is better known as which American rapper?

Chance the Rapper