Our Man in Havana (Round 228)

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The book 'Our Man in Havana' is by which author?
Graham Greene


According to the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, which is the most popular destination for visitors outside London? a) Stonehenge b) Eden Project c) Chester Zoo
c) Chester Zoo


Which board game, invented by American architect Alfred Mosher Butts, was originally called "Criss-Crosswords"


In the Royal Navy which ranks higher? a) Midshipman b) Chief Petty Officer
a) Midshipman


The 2017 winner of the Costa Debut Novel Award was Gail Honeyman for which novel?
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


'Do geese see God' is an example of a what?


What does the A stand for in the acronym ASCII?


Florence Nightingale featured on which British banknote?


Who has sold the most number of records for a solo male artist?
Elvis Presley


What ancient weapon can be described as having a heavy head on a solid shaft and is used to bludgeon opponents? (there's one in the House of Commons)