Oscars 2019 Quiz (Round 1)

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Questions about the 2019 Oscar Ceremony


Who hosted this years Oscar ceremony?
No one (the first time in 30 years without a host)


The Best Picture award went to which film?
Green Book


Rami Malek won Best Actor for his portrayal of which performer?
Freddie Mercury


The Best Director award went to Alfonso Cuaron for which film?


Which British actress won the Best Actress award?
Olivia Colman


Two films had the most nominations for awards with 10 each, these were Roma and which other picture?
The Favourite


Which two performers sang 'Shallow' from the film A Star is Born?
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga


Which X-Men star went autograph hunting by having his shirt signed in red pen by many of his fellow actors? a) James McAvoy b) Hugh Jackman c) Patrick Stewart
a) James McAvoy