2016 in Movies (Round 1)

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'Why are they here?' is the tagline to which mysterious science fiction film starring Amy Adams?



Which 2016 movie sees Benedict Cumberbatch portray an ex-neurosurgeon who delves into the world of mystic art?

Dr. Strange


Eddie Redmayne plays Newt Scamander in which David Yates directed fantasy film?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Which Hollywood actor born in Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1963 stars as Max Vatan opposite Marion Cotillard as Marianne Beusejour in the World War II film Allied?

Brad Pitt


Deadshot, Griggs and Harley Quinn are characters from which 2016 action movie?

Suicide Squad


Martin Scorsese directed which 2016 movie starring Adam Driver in a seventeenth century tale which sees two Jesuit priests to spread the world of Christianity?



Who plays Superman in the action film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Henry Cavill


Who won the 88th Academy Awards' Best Actress award in 2016?

Brie Larson