Tom Hanks and Dr. Henry Goose (Round 185)

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Which British singer-songwriter was born in Hebden Bridge, Halifax in 1991?

a) Ed Sheeran b) Harry Styles c) Zayn Malik

a) Ed Sheeran


In Science, which 'H' is a tendancy towards a stable internal environment?



In which film did Tom Hanks play the character of Dr. Henry Goose?

Cloud Atlas


Which 'SU' play their home games at Bramall Lane?

Sheffield United


What is the name of Patty and Selma Bouvier's younger sister?

Marge (Simpson)


Between 2000 and 2010, which country won the most Rugby Six Nations Championships?



Which 'B' is an American slang term for leaving abruptly?



In which country would you find the Ian Fleming International Airport, named after the James Bond author?



Which chemical compound with the symbol 'Ra' is the heaviest of all the known alkaline earth metals?



In Spain, what is a 'pastel'?

A small cake/desert