Peep Show Quiz Round 1

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Complete the name of the one of the series' two main characters - Mark?



What is the name of the boss for whom Mark suffers a sexual admiration, a name shared with a Labour member of parliament?

Alan Johnson


In series one, Jeremy claims that he has a terminal illness in order to receive sexual favours from his neighbour. What is her name?



Beginning with series two, what was the name of the Harvey Danger song used as the programme's theme tune?

Flagpole Sitta


In series three, Mark is left devasted when Sophie relocates. Where does she move?



What is the name of the actress who plays Mark's love interest, Dobby?

Isy Suttie


What is the name of the company where Mark works for the first six series?

JLB Credit


In the closing scenes of series nine, where does Super Hans suggest he'll go now he has broken up with Molly?



What was the purpose of 'The Dobby Club', a club started by Mark and work colleague Gerard in series seven?

Breaking up Dobby and her then boyfriend, Simon


What is the name of the teenage goth with a feisty attitude that Mark meets at a house party in the opening episode of series three?