Peep Show Pub Quiz Round 2

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Who was Jez mistakenly talking about when he said 'he's like "Yeah, I shoot people, I like shooting people!"'

Tony Adams from the IRA


What was the name of the fictional university where Mark and Jez met?

Dartmouth University


What is the name that Mark and Jez often refer to themselves as?

The El Dude Bros


Who does Mark suspect he is developing a homosexual crush on in series 1?

Alan Johnson


In series three, where does Mark say he gets his brain training from?

Sudoku and Alain de Botton's weekly podcast


What was the name of the final episode of the show which broadcast in December 2015?

Are we going to be alright?


Can you name either of the two books Jeremy claims to have read?

"Mr Nice" or "The Book of Bunny Suicides"


Which character regularly uses obscure nicknames for Mark, including "Professor Yaffle", "The Abdominiser" and "Captain Haddock"?

Super Hans


Can you name the actor who plays Super Hans?

Matt King


Which character played by Sophie Winkleman is an on-off love interest of Jeremy before leaving him for Johnson?

Big Suze