2018 Gone but not Forgotten Quiz (Round 1)

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All these personalities sadly passed away this year

Was one half of a scriptwriting partnership with Alan Simpson, famous for amongst others, 'Steptoe and Son'
Ray Galton


This lady who died in October, was a Spanish operatic soprano whose duet of 'Barcelona' became an official theme song for the 1992 Olympic Games.
Montserrat Caballe


British actor who died in June became famous playing the landlord of the Queen Vic.
Leslie Grantham


Verne Troyer became famous for playing which character in the Austin Powers films?


Who served as Cabinet Secretary from 1 January 2012, and Head of the Home Civil Service from September 2014, until stepping down in October 2018 following his illness from cancer and sadly dying in Nov 2018?
Sir Jeremy Heywood


English comedy scriptwriter and presenter who is probably best remembered for presenting 'It'll be Alright on the Night'
Denis Norden


Came to prominence as Lewis Medlock in 'Deliverance' and starred in 'The Longest Yard' in 1974, he passed away in September aged 82
Burt Reynolds


He died in October at the age of 94, he was one of France's most popular singers and was dubbed the French Sinatra
Charles Aznavour