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Wainwright was born in which town? a) St Helens b) Lancaster c) Blackburn
c) Blackburn


His 7 volume Pictorial Guide to the Lake and Fells’ has become the standard reference work to how many fells of the Lake District? a) 94 b) 154 c) 214
c) 214


His famous ‘Coast to Coast’ walk, the first guide to this popular long distance footpath covers how many miles? a) 92 b) 192 c) 292
b) 192


'The Outlying Fells of Lake land', was the title of his last major publication, but in what year was it published? a) 1964 b) 1974 c) 1984
b) 1974


His Coast to Coast walk starts at St. Bees and finishes where?
Robin Hoods Bay.


In 1968 Wainwright compiled The Pennine Way Companion which he describes from South to North, to reflect this he wrote the book back to front, True or False?
True, the commentary and map start at the bottom of the last page and work upwards and backwards towards the front of the book.


Wainwright died aged 84 in what year? a) 1991 b) 2001 c) 2011


His ashes were scattered by his widow Betty Wainwright on which Lakeland Fell? a) Pillar b) Great Gable c) Haystacks