The Greek God of Time (Round 157)

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Who was the Greek god of time?

a) Eros b) Cronos c) Hypnos

b) Cronos


Excluding London, which city in the UK has the most buildings taller than 100 metres high? Manchester or Birmingham



Which is the largest planet in our solar system?



Which US actor is known for roles in Boogie Nights, The Fighter and Patriots Day?

Mark Wahlberg


Which Los Angeles born fashion model was named International Model of the Year in 2016?

Gigi Hadid


Real Madrid beat which Italian club 4-1 in final of the 2017 UEFA Champions League?



Which actor plays Bilbo Baggins in the 2012 film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?

Martin Freeman


Which Indian politician said of a potential conflict with neighbours Pakistan: 'You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist'?

Indira Gandhi


In a 2013 poll of former Heavyweight champions, who was ranked as the second-best boxer in the Rocky film series?

Apollo Creed


Which English novelist appears on the back of the first version of the polymer £10 notes introduced in September 2017?

Jane Austen