I Can Resist Everything Except... (Round 70)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


Evita, Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar are musicals written by which English composer?

Andrew Lloyd Webber


Complete the title of this 1977 science-fiction movie directed by Steven Spielberg: "Close Encounters of the..."?

Third Kind


Said to be the most acclaimed Soviet military commander of World War II, who led the Red Army to victory over Germany and the capture of Berlin in 1945?

Georgi Zhukov


What is the name of the major street in London's West End which is home to many of the city's theatres and is also mentioned in the lyrics of the Dire Straits song 'Wild West End'?

Shaftesbury Avenue


Oscar Wilde said: "I can resist everything except..." what?



In which sport could the Sale Sharks take on the Exeter Chiefs in the Premiership?

Rugby Union


Who is older: Tony Blair or Theresa May?

Tony Blair


In Irish legend, what is the name of the warrior who gained knowledge of the salmon by sucking his thumb?

Finn MacCool


Which is the largest state in Australia by land area?

Western Australia


In 1981, the first edition of which race ended in a tie between American Dick Beardsley and Norwegian Inge Simonsen?

The London Marathon