I Don't Want to Wait (Round 190)

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Sharleen Spiteri has provided lead vocal for which Scottish rock band since their inception in 1988?



Traditionally, what colour is the 'filling' in the middle of an Oreo cookie?



Which Labour politican served as the final Home Secretary during Gordon Brown's tenure as Prime Minister?

a) Tony Blair b) Charles Clarke c) Alan Johnson

c) Alan Johnson


Which horror film sees Georgie lose a paper sailboat down a drain?



Complete this 2017 film title: 'The Killing of a Sacred ...'?

a) Wish b) Deer c) Frog

b) Deer


Can you name Europe's highest volcano?

Mount Etna


True or false: the Romans used Parsley to treat hangovers



'I Don't Want to Wait' by Paula Cole is best known as the theme tune to which teen drama?

Dawson's Creek


In which year did Hewlett Packard introduce the laptop computer?

a) 1984 b) 1985 c) 1986

a) 1984


A 'Loiner' is a citizen of which English city?