The Knight's Code (Round 175)

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Which bridge was both the longest and tallest suspension bridge when it opened in 1937. It carries U.S. Route 101.
Golden Gate Bridge


The knights code of conduct known as Chivalry is derived from which language's term for horsmanship?


What is the more common name for Ferric oxide?
Jewellers rouge (or Crocus or Indian Red)


The armadillo is native to which continent?
The Americas (North and South)


Charles Kingsford Smith made the first flight across which body of water in 1928?
The Pacific


Pablo Escobar is known for being what?

a) a footballer b) a musician c) a drug lord
c) a drug lord


The US Open golf championship has been contested since what year?

a) 1875 b) 1885 c) 1895
c) 1895


Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book, was born in which country?


Which 'ology' is the study of animals?


Doncaster Sheffield Airport was previously named after which character?
Robin Hood (Robin Hood Airport Doncaster)