The Great Exhibition (Round 229)

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Christine Baranski played which character in 'The Good Wife' and again in the follow-up series 'The Good Fight'?
Diane Lockhart


What is the stage name of Stuart Leslie Goddard?
Adam Ant


The type of meat most consumed worldwide is what?


What did the United States adopt as its national anthem in 1931?
The Star Spangled Banner


By what more common name is the Yam known in the UK?
Sweet Potato


In 1692, Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba were brought before local magistrates of which village, to be tried as witches?


Queen Victoria opened 'The Great Exhibition' at Crystal palace in what year? a) 1851 b) 1861 c) 1871
a) 1851


Deva was the Roman name for which modern city?


Actor Chris Hemsworth, famous for his roles as Thor in the film series, was born in which country?


English boxer who died in 2011, famous for his 'hammer' and the first British boxer to be awarded a knighthood.
Henry Cooper