Britpop Quiz Round 1

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Which band released 'Saturday Night' in January 1997, the third single off the album 'Coming Up'?



Which Pulp song began: "You say you've got to go home 'cos he's sitting on his own again this evening."?

Do You Remember The First Time?


What was the name of Supergrass' debut album, the biggest selling album on the Parlophone label since The Beatles' 'Please Please Me'?

I Should Coco


Front man Brian Molko was and still is the lead singer of which band?



Saint Etienne took their name from a French football team but what was the name of their female vocalist?

Sarah Cracknell


Which Oasis single won the Brit Award for British Single at the 1996 Brit Award?

Roll With It


'Female of the Species' was the fourth single off the debut album Spiders by which Liverpool band?



John Power left The La's to form which band?



The song 'Connection' was used as the theme tune to Trigger Happy TV. Which band released it in 1994?



Which The Verve single began: "Happiness / More or less / It's just a change in me"?

Lucky Man