Christmas No.1s Quiz (Round 1)

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Since 1952, which song has topped the charts at Christmas on 3 separate occasions?
"Do They Know It's Christmas?"


Which band had a monopoly of Christmas number ones from 1962 to 1964?


Sung by Dickie Valentine in 1955, this was the first chart topper at Christmas that was actually about Christmas. What was the title?
Christmas Alphabet


Two years later in 1957 "Mary's Boy Child" reached no.1 for which american singer famous for "The Banana Boat Song"?
Harry Belafonte


'Save Your Love' was a 1982 hit for which duo?
Renee and Renato


Cliff Richard had the first of his Christmas No.1s with which song?
"Mistletoe and Wine"


In 2004, Band Aid 20 recorded "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Which 2 artists were the only ones to appear from the original Band Aid line-up?
Bono and Paul McCartney


In 2009 Rage against the Machine stopped X Factor winners from being number one for the first time in 5 years, what was the title of the record?
"Killing in the Name"