Christmas No.1s Quiz (Round 2)

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Which record by Queen reached number 1 in the charts in 1975 and 1991?

Bohemian Rhapsody


Elvis had a Christmas number 1 in 1963 which described his repeated efforts to have what delivered?

A letter, in the song ‘Return to Sender’


What is the next line of this 1966 Tom Jones number 1:-

The old town looks the same, As I step down from the train,

And there to meet me ..................

‘is my Mama and papa’


Who was ‘Lonely this Christmas’ in 1974?



Whitney Houston was number 1 for ten weeks including Christmas 1992, with which song?

I will always love you.


Who had a No.1 in 1983 with a cover of Yazoo's 'Only you'?

The Flying Pickets


Shakin' Stevens had a a Christmas No.1 in 1985 with "Merry Christmas Everyone" , but what was his birth name?

Michael Barratt


Michael Andrews and Gary Jules had a hit with which Tears for Fears song that featured on the Donnie Darko soundtrack?

Mad World