Coronation Street Quiz Round 2

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Emily Bishop left the street with her nephew for a six-month trip to Peru in January 2016, but what is her nephew's name?



Which character was arrested for possession of cannabis in April 2016 only for Izzy Armstrong to confess to police that the drug was for her pain management?

Gary Windass


Who killed Kylie Platt?

Clayton Hibbs


In July 2016, who did Leanne tell that he was the father of her unborn child?

Steve McDonald


Son of Darren and Jackie, husband of Molly, father of Ruby. Who am I?

Tyrone Dobbs


How did Eileen Grimshaw find out about her son Todd's relationship with Billy?

She overheard a conversation on a faulty taxi radio.


Which character was arrested for bigamy in 2016?

Beth Sutherland


Which character played by Terence Maynard was found dead in his flat in April 2016?

Tony Stewart


Which character received a 21% share of Webster's Autocentre for her 21st birthday in November 2015?

Sophie Webster


James Atherton played which now jailed street character between September 2015 and January 2016?

Jamie Bowman