December 2015 Quiz Round 4

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Joseph Valente was celebrating in December 2015 when he won which TV reality show?
The Apprentice
Which train operates nightly services between London and numerous Scottish locations including Fort William?
Caledonian Sleeper
The SpaceX programme successfully launched and returned a rocket to earth in December 2015 but who is the programme's high-tech entrepreneur owner?
Elon Musk
International Space Station astronaut Tim Peake was left disappointed as he called home to speak to his parents in December 2015? Why?
He got the answer machine
Authorities in The Bahamas were forced to shut down a charitable practice established by singer Lenny Kravitz due to insufficient paperwork. What services did the practice offer?
Dental services
Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst was banned from which country for five years in December 2015?
Why was Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage forced to turn over a rare dinosaur skull he bought for $276,000 to US authorities?
It was stolen
English footballer Karen Carney left Birmingham City in December 2015 to sign for which football club?
In December 2015, plans were announced by the Tour de France that the 2017 race would start in which city?
Which former Republic of Ireland international announced his retirement from playing football in December 2015 following a short spell with Shamrock Rovers?
Damien Duff