December 2015 Quiz Round 3

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The Royal Mint announced the last of the 'round pounds' had rolled off the presses. How many sides would new £1 coins feature from 2017?
The European Space Agency’s first British astronaut Tim Peake stepped out of the Soyuz capsule and aboard which satellite?
International Space Station
A recent study squashed the myth that British 'what' are no worse than their US counterparts?
British teeth
Four-year-old Jessica Burden gained notoriety following her fall during a live ITV production of which musical?
The Sound of Music
December 2015 saw former England international footballer Frank Lampard tie the knot with which Irish TV presenter?
Christine Bleakley
Chris Evans returned to our screens with TFI Friday but can you complete the name of an early Evans TV show? 'Dont Forget Your...?
Jose Mourinho left Chelsea for a second time in December 2015 but with which Portuguese club did he begin his managerial career?
BBC 1 detective drama Luther features which British actor playing the title role?
Idris Elba
At which landmark do crowds regularly gather to celebrate the Winter Solstice?
A trip into the wilderness with Bear Grylls and which unlikely guest gave Channel 4 its highest-rating 8pm show for three years in December 2015?
Barack Obama