Essex Quiz (Round 1)

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There is only one city in the county of Essex, what is its name?



Camulodunum is the oldest recorded town in Britain- what is it now known as?



What is the name of the forest that straddles Essex and Greater London?

Epping Forest.


There are 2 airports in Essex, name them.

Stansted and Southend.


The Lakeside Shopping Centre is in which unitary authority area?



Located on the River Thames, what is the name of the main port for London?

Port of Tilbury


Name the 2 counties that border Essex to the North.

Suffolk and Cambridgeshire


Southend Pier is the longest pier in the world, how long is it? a) 753 metres b) 1.34 miles c) 3.1 kilometers

b) 1.34 miles