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Australian soap star best known for his role as Thor.

Chris Hemsworth


An American actor and comedian who starred in The Longest Yard, and Bad Company.

Chris Rock


Lead singer of the British band who's albums include A Rush of Blood to the Head, and Mylo Xyloto.

Chris Martin


On who's story the film American Sniper was based.

Chris Kyle


British boxer as famous for his monocle as his fighting.

Chris Eubank


First player to hit a six off the first ball in the history of Test cricket.

Chris Gayle


Christopher Columbus set sail for Japan but landed in the Bahamas, in which ship?

Santa Maria


Christopher Lloyd is best known for which role in the Back to the Future trilogy?

Emmett "Doc" Brown


British actor who died in 2015, whilst he had a varied acting career he is best remembered for his Hammer Horror roles opposite Peter Cushing.

Chrisopher Lee


Chrisopher Reeve found fame as Superman but was confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic after what sort of accident?

He fell whilst riding a horse