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David Hasselhoff is probably best know for his TV show Baywatch, but he first came to peoples attention as Dr Snapper Foster in which TV drama series?

The Young and the Restless


More famous for his music he starred in the film - The Man Who Fell to Earth. What name was he known as?

David Bowie


This american actor found fame in arguably the most popular sit-com ever, and was the voice of Melman in Madagascar.

David Schwimmer


World famous English footballer who has been responsible for making tattoos appear cool.

David Beckham


Hosted the 'Late Night' for 33 years.

David Letterman


This well respected naturalist and broadcaster was at one time controller of BBC 2.

David Attenborough


The narrator and main character of the Dickens novel, which also contains the characters Wilkins Micawber and Betsey Trotwood

David Copperfield


American comedian, actor, and writer famous for the creation of - Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry David


Scottish musician most famous for being the founder and lead singer of the group - Talking Heads.

David Byrne


Played the character Niles in the hit TV show - Frasier.

David Hyde Pierce