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Depending on your point of view this person is either a hero, a whistleblower, a patriot, or a traitor through his release of documents detailing mass surveillance and government secrecy.

Edward Snowden


The youngest of 4 children who as of February 2016 is 9th in line to the British throne.

Edward Earl of Wessex


Archetypal tough guy gangster as portrayed in films such as Little Caesar, and Smart Money.

Edward G Robinson


Best remembered for his 'Nonsense' poems and prose, and especially limericks

Edward Lear


Known as the father of immunology and pioneer of the Smallpox vaccination, what was the name of this English doctor?

Edward Jenner


English composer famous for Enigma Variations, and Pomp and Circumstances Marches.

Edward Elgar


The name of the character played by Johnny Depp in the film directed by Tim Burton

Edward Scissorhands


By what name is Edward Teach, an 18th century pirate, better known?



Has received Golden Globe nominations for numerous roles including 48 Hrs, and Trading Places

Eddie Murphy


Director whose films have a cult following and whose best known works features Plan 9 From Outer Space amongst numerous others.

Ed Wood